Saving Water and Money With Your Irrigation System

Saving Water and Money With Your Irrigation System

Not only is a modern sprinkler system a great way to keep your lawn lush and green, it also serves as an opportunity to save big on your water bill. When maintained and used correctly, a sprinkler system can keep your lawn green while using far less water than a garden hose sprayer. So how can you make the most of your sprinkler system?

Mind Your Timer

This is especially important during the hot months of summer. Ideally, you should always be watering your lawn in the cool morning hours of the day. This will ensure that the water is able to penetrate the soil before it’s lost to evaporation from the heat of the sun. Watering at night has its own complications; namely, water can linger on plants too long allowing harmful fungi and bacteria to grow. It’s best to water in the morning whenever possible.

Water Deeply and Infrequently

Rather than watering a little bit every day, split your watering schedule up into just a few long sessions each week. Long, infrequent watering sessions will both benefit the health of your lawn and save water in the process.

Watch the Weather

If you see rain the forecast, hold off on watering until after the rain passes. If you get enough, you may not need to water at all! There’s no reason to overwater your lawn with your sprinkler system after a nice steady rainfall.

Consider Smart Sprinkler Options

Smart technology is offering homeowners a new way to automate their irrigation systems to ensure maximum efficiency. In California, where much of the state has been ravaged by drought, many people are turning to these smart sprinkler systems as a viable way to cut water consumption. Here at Suburban Lawn, we’re now able to offer all our customers the Rachio smart sprinkler controller. Check out our earlier blog post to learn more about this remarkable new piece of irrigation technology!

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