Cambridge, MA

You work hard to make your home or business warm and welcoming inside, but making the outside say the same can be more difficult. Suburban Lawn helps you complete your polished, professional exterior by eliminating shadows obscuring your view or your path and keeping your lawn green and healthy. Professionally installed landscape lighting, sprinklers and irrigation in Cambridge, MA, makes your exterior stylish, scenic and beautifully displayed without taking up your valuable time.

We install and set automatic sprinkler and lighting systems based on your schedule and your outdoor arrangement. Landscape lighting is a great way to highlight remarkable architecture or carefully maintained gardens, while also providing safety and security around your home or office. Sprinkler systems keep your landscape healthy during the day or night, so your yard matches your attractive building exterior.

Whatever lighting or irrigation system you have in mind, we have the tools and expertise to create it. We also install Christmas décor of any type, from a few light strings to complex chase lighting patterns and more. Give us a call today to discuss your landscape features and schedule an appointment.