Sprinkler Timer Manuals from Hunter, Rachio, and more

Do you want to keep your lawn looking its best at all times? One of the easiest ways to do it is by installing a high-quality sprinkler system with a timer. Suburban Lawn Sprinkler Company offers several options for those looking for the very best sprinkler heads and timers for their landscaping needs. From Rachio Wifi timers and Hunter timers to Toro sprinkler heads and Rainbird 5000 Series sprinkler heads, the choices that we provides will allow you to maintain your lawn properly throughout the year and give it what it needs to flourish. Hunter offers systems of indoor/outdoor versions of residential and light irrigation controllers such as the Pro-C and X Core. ICC is a commercial controller. It is compatible with Hunter remotes and solar sync. See the manuals in full below with the other manuals.

Rachio Wifi timers have Wifi capabilities and can be controlled from just about anywhere. You can connect them to systems like Alexa or your wireless home system and turn your sprinklers on and off with ease. Hunter Pro timers, on the other hand, do not offer Wifi capabilities and will need to be managed from a central terminal. Both options will work along with Toro sprinkler heads or Rainbird 5000 Series sprinkler heads, and Suburban Lawn Sprinkler Company can set them up so that you can manage them on your own. Suburban Lawn Sprinkler Company can also service other types of sprinkler systems for customers and help them get their systems under control if there is ever anything wrong with them.

If you have had a sprinkler system and sprinkler heads installed by Suburban Lawn Sprinkler Company, you can find the manuals for them here. You can use them to make adjustments to your sprinkler system or simply to learn more about it.

If you are considering installing a new sprinkler system with a timer or you need service done to your existing system, Suburban Lawn Sprinkler Company can get the job done for you.

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See how to set a Rainbird 3500, 5000, 32SA, 42SA and 52SA Rotors series rotor sprinkler head: