Lawn Sprinkler Installation

For an efficient and experienced team of lawn sprinkler installers, call on Suburban Lawn Sprinkler Co. Our streamlined processes and expert design make irrigation installation easy.

Lawn Sprinkler Installation Services

The Suburban Lawn team has been designing and installing sprinkler systems for over 50 years. Our experience, industry expertise and excellent customer service has made us one of the most trusted lawn sprinkler installers in Massachusetts. 

We work with several different manufacturers to create the best possible mix of technology and materials for our systems. Our principle lines are Toro, Hunter and Rainbird, but we also incorporate parts from Richdel, Plastiline, Ametek and other brands as well to design our long-lasting sprinklers. 

And to make your lawn care routine even easier, we offer WiFi-enabled irrigation controllers that provide more remote management capabilities and automation. Your watering schedules will automatically be adjusted based on forecast temperatures, daily rainfall probability in your area, and other environmental factors to maximize water savings and streamline your lawn care.

Lawn Sprinkler Installer in Backyard

Our Installation Process

We make lawn sprinkler installation simple, tailoring every system to meet the needs and watering requirements of the property. With 50+ years industry experience, our lawn sprinkler installation crew has been able to streamline our processes to ensure a quick and efficient setup.

1. Property Evaluation Our installation team assesses your property to prepare for your sprinkler system.
2. Customized Design We create an effective sprinkler layout tailored to your property’s needs.
3. Expert Installation Our team of installers set up your lawn sprinkler system.
4. Proactive Maintenance We inspect your system for any issues and ensure everything is functioning properly.

Bill came out right away and evaluated the project. He asked questions, I told him what type of system I was thinking about and that I wanted good quality components. We discussed the project in some detail and he got back to me right away with a price. I have to say upfront, that the job was completed on time, in a very good workmanlike condition for that price! No surprises. He gave me a start date and he showed up on that date with his crew of around seven young men. They had a lot of digging by hand around roots and such but it was installed and done carefully the same day. When we turned on the system it was great! All my plants were watered perfectly. No need to have late night water sessions anymore!


Leading Lawn Sprinkler Installation Experts

From rotary sprinklers to gentle misters, our vast selection of sprinkler styles allows us to design your system for maximum reach and efficiency. Our expert team of lawn sprinkler installers have set up systems for both residential and commercial properties in Framingham, Dover, and several other cities in Massachusetts. And we work with you every step of the way because we understand that every property is different. That’s why our systems are always custom-built to your needs.

At Suburban Lawn Sprinkler Co., we take care of it all from installation to maintenance every year after. If you’re thinking about investing in a system for your property, give our expert team of lawn sprinkler installers a call at 508-872-2727 to start the process.

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