Lawn Sprinkler Installation & Repair in Brookline, MA

The Suburban Lawn Sprinkler Co. team makes hassle-free lawn care possible, offering professional lawn sprinkler installation, proactive system maintenance, winterization services, and even landscape lighting design to the Brookline, MA area.

50+ Years of Lawn Irrigation Excellence

We take great pride in working with you to design and install a lawn sprinkler system that meets the needs of your home or business. Our experience and expertise has allowed us to provide premier-level, top to bottom lawn sprinkler services across Brookline and Chestnut Hill for over 50 years. Whether you’re looking for a brand new system or need quick, expert repairs, Suburban Lawn Sprinkler Co. is the team to call.

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Lawn Sprinkler Installation Brookline MA

As a trusted lawn sprinkler installation company serving the Brookline area, our goal is to install the best possible irrigation systems with quick and efficient service. Utilizing industry-leading technology and sprinkler heads, our team is able to design and build an effective lawn sprinkler system that meets your lawn’s unique requirements.

Because convenience and reliability are always at the core of our brand, we offer WiFi-enabled irrigation controllers that allow for a more hands-off routine, adjusting to weather, rainfall, and other factors in your local area.

Our new lawn sprinkler installation process has been perfectly refined into four simple steps:

  1. Complete a thorough property evaluation.
  2. Customize and design a system to match your property’s needs.
  3. Install the irrigation system with efficiency and care.
  4. Schedule and maintain ongoing, proactive sprinkler maintenance.
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Brookline Lawn Sprinkler Repair

When your sprinkler system starts experiencing issues, it’s time to call in the professionals. Whether we installed your system or not, our experienced team of technicians are available to quickly assess the situation and find a fix.

Our fast and thorough lawn sprinkler repair services offer peace of mind in knowing that every aspect of your system will be expertly tested to ensure it is operating at peak efficiency by the time we leave.

Our highly-trained team combined with our knowledge and experience with these sprinkler products is what makes us a go-to company for lawn sprinkler repair in Brookline. When your system seems to be malfunctioning, remember that our team is always a phone call away.

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Sprinkler Maintenance Services

We understand the importance of ongoing and proactive, year-round maintenance. In doing so, we’re able to catch problems before they start and maximize the health and lifespan of your sprinkler system.

If you didn’t have your system installed by us, fear not! We will gladly provide you with routine maintenance services all year long to ensure your lawn sprinkler is performing at peak efficiency.

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Lawn Sprinkler Winterization

Winterization plays a vital role in maintaining excellent performance of your lawn sprinkler system and extending its overall lifespan.

This simple, yet essential process removes any excess water that may have accumulated in your system and prevents expansion and/or permanent damage from taking place. Our team of experienced professionals can quickly and efficiently blow out your system to ensure it can stand the frigid temperatures of winter and be ready to resume use in spring.

We strongly encourage our customers to make winterization a part of their yearly maintenance to prevent irreparable damage and invest in the health of their systems. With our lawn sprinkler winterization services, you can trust that your system, and overall property will be protected throughout the winter.

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Lawn Sprinkler Benefits

Why do people choose to invest in lawn sprinkler systems? The answers are quite simple.

Lawn sprinkler systems remove the hassle of having to water your yard. The irrigation system does all the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to get your hands dirty. With our sprinkler system, homeowners can benefit from a seamless watering process without having to pick up a hose or wrangle watering cans.

  1. Convenience: By installing a sprinkler system on your property, you relinquish the burdening task of maintaining a watering schedule. Your lawn will remain healthy and beautiful, without the hassle.
  2. Water Conservation: Our systems have the technology to optimize how much water is necessary to maintain lawn health. No more guessing, overwatering, or wasting resources.
  3. More Money in Your Pocket: Because our systems are automated, helping to control the frequency and duration of your lawn’s watering requirements, you’ll end up saving money every month on your water bill. There is no risk for overspending and overusing water.

With discreet sprinkler heads, lawn maintenance is made hassle-free by providing the necessary water to your landscaping, grass, sod, shrubs, and flower beds—keeping your yard beautiful.

Your Local Lawn Sprinkler Team

Suburban Lawn Sprinkler Co. has proudly served the Brookline, MA community since 1956. Our business experience and industry knowledge have allowed us to perfect our lawn sprinkler services in a way that other businesses can’t.

Since inception, we’ve maintained a 98% customer satisfaction rate and will go to any length to make sure your experience is nothing less. Our team of experienced professionals are prepared and ready to serve you and your lawn care needs.

Whatever your lawn needs, we have you covered. Offering expert repairs and professional lawn sprinkler installation in the Brookline and Chestnut Hill areas, the Suburban Lawn team is ready to get started on your next outdoor project. Give us a call at 508-872-2727 to learn more about lawn sprinkler solutions for your home or business!

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