Massachusetts Sprinklers

  • Rain Bird 5000 Series Rotor

    Rain Bird Sprinkler

    The 5000 Series Rotor is a rugged mid-range gear-drive rotor, offering durability, performance, and the convenience of arc adjustment from the top, for residential and light commercial applications. This versatile rotor offers a standard rubber cover and the convenience of reversing full-and part-circle operation (up to 360 degrees) in one unit. And, with a TREE of Rain Curtain™ nozzles, the 5000 Series Rotor offers excellent distribution for top-notch efficiency. All of this, a proven gear-driven design, and a five-year factory warranty, makes the 5000 Series Rotor one head that “Takes Performance to the Top.”

    5000-S-FC, 5004-FC,
    5006-FC, 5012-FC

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  • Toro 570Z Series Sprinklers

    Toro 570Z Series Sprinklers

    0′-16′ Radius Featuring a low-pressure seal that flushes only upon retraction, 570Z models are ideal for small turf areas and intricate designs. Six distinct pop-up sprinkler bodies and a host of interchangeable nozzles provide unlimited design flexibility.570Z sprinklers come with a degradable flush plug to conserve our natural resources. Not only environmentally friendly, but convenient too – these plugs won’t litter an installation site.

    • – Seal prevents flushing on pop-up, enabling more heads to be placed on same zone
    • – Low-pressure sealing at 15 PSI
    • – Retraction flushing clears debris for reliable pop-down
    • – Accepts all Toro spray nozzles – including 570 MPR Plus nozzles and filter screens
    • – Check-O-Matic models available – eliminating low-head drainage
    • – Ratcheting riser feature for easy arc adjustment
    • -Side-inlet models available on both 6″ and 12″ sprinkler bodies for easier installation
    • – Pop-up design
    • – Durable engineering plastic construction
    • – Stainless-steel retraction spring
    • – Screw-on cap (retrofits all previous Toro 570 bodies)

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  • Toro Super 600 Series Sprinklers

    35′-50′ Radius
    Toro Super 600 Series Sprinklers

    These rugged, reliable sprinklers offer exceptional value for all medium-to-large residential and commercial applications.

    • – Full-circle and adjustable part-circle (45°-315°) models
    • – 3 nozzles
    • – Balanced precipitation rate nozzles
    • – Adjustment screw allows up to 25% radius reduction
    • – Gear-drive design
    • – Basket filter screen
    • – Stainless-steel retraction spring
    • – Wiper seal
    • – Durable engineering plastic and stainless-steel construction
    • – Small surface diameter
    • – At-grade installation
    • – Effluent identification plug available (Part No. 89-3816)

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