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Keep your lawn happy and healthy with our professional lawn sprinkler services. Through our efficient installation process and proactive maintenance, caring for your lawn just got a whole lot easier.

Lawn Irrigation & Sprinkler Systems

Suburban Lawn Sprinkler Co is a full-service irrigation company. What does this mean? We provide to any existing and prospective customer exactly what is required for a perfect underground lawn system, plus yearly maintenance as needed.

Every customer’s lawn is unique. Some are large, requiring only the golf course style ROTARY sprinklers. Others are small, which design better with the gentle watering MIST sprinklers. Most properties require a mixture. You can see both types further on in this section. In addition, many properties have perennial or rose gardens where even more specialized “drip irrigation” is needed. Designing irrigation systems for specific properties has always offered us an active challenge. Throughout our more than 40 years, we have designed every conceivable type of irrigation system.

The second important component is SERVICE, or the maintenance of systems after installation. Irrigation is a very specialized sub-industry. Companies will generally not service systems they did not install. Therefore, if a customer picks the wrong company for the initial installation, and relations sour, the customer is stuck with a major investment and no service at all. At “Suburban” we are happy to boast that 98% of our installation customers remain our service customers for over 20 years. This is because we employ special service technicians whose only job is to keep your systems running perfectly. With cell phones in every truck, we can dispatch a technician immediately in many instances.

For these reasons and more – we surpass our competition in every way.

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