Freshening Your Lawn After the Thaw

Freshening Your Lawn After the Thaw

With spring just around the corner, you are probably getting antsy to get outside again. As the season changes and takes with it the snowbanks, you also can see some noticeable changes in your lawn. Although it is tempting to go out and get started on beautifying your lawn on the first hint of a warm day, it is important to wait until your lawn has turned mostly green or the snow season is completely over before you begin.

When you set about refreshing your lawn for the beautiful months ahead, the first step is raking. Before you begin mowing or treating your grass, you should take the time to thoroughly rake your yard to pull up layers of shoots, stems and roots, aka thatch, that have piled up over the winter. Raking will also help you find dead or compacted areas in the soil which may need to be more thoroughly aerated for grass to grow properly.

If you notice the growth of moss in your lawn, the soil may be suffering from acidity. Grab a soil pH test from your local home improvement store to help you judge the extent of the damage. If needed, you can apply a layer of lime over your yard to neutralize the soil and encourage grass growth. Be careful, though – on the other side of the coin, treating a yard with lime when it isn’t needed can also cause problems.

The presence of moss could also be a symptom of compacted soil. This most frequently occurs on lawn that is heavily trafficked, like grasses near a patio or serving as a walkway area. Renting a soil aerator can help to break up this compacted soil, allowing the soil to let in water and fertilizer so that grass can grow fuller and more lush.

Trying to determine if you should fertilize your yard too? If you fertilize your lawn in the fall, there is no need to do so in the spring. If you didn’t get around to this chore in the fall, consider only lightly fertilizing your grass this spring to avoid weed problems.

If you are worried about excessive weed growth in your yard, you can apply a shield of pre-emergent herbicides. Use a light application of weed killer to avoid also killing your new grass. If you need to reseed this spring, you may want to consider an herbicide that won’t hurt your grass seed.

After you successfully prepare you lawn for a happy and healthy summer, you will want to take the next steps to get your yard looking fresh. The experts at Suburban Lawn Sprinkler Co. are professional lawn care specialists who can install efficient irrigation systems to help keep your yard looking beautiful. We can even help with your spring lawn maintenance, repairing dead zones, leveling uneven soil or installing fresh annuals or other landscaping plants. Keep checking back on our blog to learn even more about lawn care, or call us today at 508-872-2727 to find out how we can help with your lawn!

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