Small Front Yard? Here are a Few Creative Ideas

Small Front Yard? Here are a Few Creative Ideas

Do you have yard envy? When you pass by your neighbors’ gigantic front yard, with landscaping galore, don’t be jealous. With a few creative ideas, you can transform a small yard into something truly special. Bigger isn’t always better!

Bunches of blooms

In Nantucket, where most cottages have itsy-bitsy front yards, many homeowners plant a bountiful row of sweet-smelling roses and hydrangeas right alongside the street. In addition to charming neighbors and passers-by, this idea has the added benefit of giving you some privacy. A classic white picket fence can give the flowers some added support.

Think outside the box

Who says you have to have a grassy yard? Pea gravel or pebbles make an intriguing ground cover for miniature yards, and are relatively low-maintenance – just make sure you line the ground with weed-busting mesh, and treat mildew and moss growth right away. Depending on the climate in your area, you can jazz up a gravel yard with succulents, fragrant herbs or perennials.

Plant to scale

If your small front yard is dominated by a large tree that overshadows everything else, consider removing it and planting smaller trees that will give your yard a sense of depth and scale. Look for dwarf or semi-dwarf trees at your local nursery.

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