4 Ways You Can Use All of Your Fall Leaves

Ideas for Fall Leaves

The leaves are turning their warm colors of red, orange and gold and soon enough, that beautiful foliage will be a blanket over your lawn.

So, naturally we dig in our shed to find the rake in order to take back our yard! We then gather up all of our leaves to leave for the garbage man.

But wait just a moment.

What if you could put those fallen leaves to better use?

Here are a few ways you can put those fall leaves to work for you and your lawn!

1. DIY fertilizer for your lawn

Put the rake away and instead, pull out the lawn mower. By mowing over the blanket of leaves on your lawn, you are essentially making your own fertilizer.

A couple of passes over the lawn ensures that your leaves refrain from matting together into a dense layer and produces small, easily decomposable leaf pieces that your lawn will gladly eat up.

2. DIY mulch for your garden

Similarly, your garden would benefit from the nutrients held in the fallen leaves.

Shred the leaves using your lawn mower (with a collection bag attached, of course!) and scatter the makeshift mulch throughout your garden. The nutrients will not only feed your flowers and plants, but it will work towards preventing weeds and maintaining a stable temperature in the soil.

3. Or build yourself a brand-new garden

Many use their fallen foliage to start a garden that will be ready-to-plant in the spring. The process includes piling organic matter (manure, shredded newspaper, your leaves, etc.) on top of the soil in the area that you want to develop into a garden. It takes the winter to break it down, producing a wonderful bed after the snow has melted.

4. Add to your compost

These leaves tend to hold a good amount of nitrogen which is the perfect addition to your compost pile.

So, this year, take advantage of the fallen leaves and give back to your lawn and garden!

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