How to Garden Without Doing Harm to Your Body

Woman in Pain from Gardening

Now that the weather is warming up, we want to get outside and dig up our garden to make it beautiful once again for the upcoming summer months.  Gardening however, is no easy feat. We have to weed, dig, plant and mulch and it takes a lot of time and commitment.

Although it can be satisfying, there are some risks of injury that should be taken into consideration while gardening. Follow these tips so you can enjoy an injury-free gardening season:

Start off slow

Are you feeling eager to get busy digging, planting and weeding? Remember to take one step at a time; you’ll work longer if you do a task steadily than if you rush to finish a big project. If gardening is something you’re not accustomed to, plan a garden on the small side and try to begin near your house or a watering hose so you’re not getting exhausted hauling water to hose your garden. Also think about how much effort you’ll have to put into caring for each plant. Perennials, plants that return year after year, small plants that require no pruning and ground cover plants, which diminish weed growth, are all good options for beginning gardeners. Start gardening on a small scale, think about the care each plant will need and take breaks every so often, your body will thank you later.

Beware of bending and reaching

When bending at the waist and reaching, you’re more vulnerable to injury, according to experts in the field from Medicine Plus. If you must bend, bend with your knees rather than your back and try to position yourself close enough to your gardening task so you’re not reaching. Pulling weeds puts more strain on your lower back than you realize.

Invest in Gardening Gear

If you’re worried about injuring yourself the next time you’re gardening, perhaps considering gardening gear such as a kneeler seat, self-coiling hose, tools with padded or curved handles and clippers that have spring-action self-opening features might decrease your risk of injury and will make your experience more enjoyable.

Gardening is about enjoying the work and seeing the results. It can be a strenuous activity, so take your time, utilize tools that are designed to lighten the work to your advantage and be cautious of your body movements.

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