Protecting Your Landscaping From Winter Weather

Protecting Your Landscaping From Winter Weather

There’s no doubt about it: winter weather can be harsh on your landscaping. But even if the days have turned cold already, you can still take some precautionary steps to protect your lawn from damaging winter weather. With these tips, your lawn will bounce back quickly when spring is back in bloom! With Fall quickly approaching, it’s best to start preparing for the colder months.

To prepare your landscaping for the winter months, you want to make sure that your trees and other plants are strong enough to outlast the cold and snow. That means that you may have to do some pruning. Trim back dead growth on trees and shrubs to prepare them for the winter. Check with your local garden supply center to find out about pruning recommendations for specific species.

During the cold winter months, don’t forget to water those evergreens, especially the young ones. If you have your outdoor hose shut off to prevent pipe bursts, keep a watering can in the garage, or use an empty milk carton. A few gallons of water every couple of weeks can do wonders to keep an evergreen hydrated in the winter months.

If you have fragile plants that might bend and break in the harsh wind, you should consider wrapping them safely in burlap sacks for the colder months. Burlap will prevent too much wind from harming your plants without causing the plants to overheat.

Putting salt down on your driveway and walkway is a great way to melt or prevent ice, but be careful that the melting water doesn’t drain into a flowerbed—the salty water could be harmful to your plants.

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