Enhance Your Landscape with a Pergola

Enhance Your Landscape with a Pergola

Are you looking for something beautiful to enhance your landscape? Pergolas might be what you are looking for as they add beauty with its simplicity, structure and design. A pergola can add visual appeal to your backyard and it can also provide support for certain plants and flowers as well as add shade to your outdoor space.

Before incorporating a pergola in your yard, ask yourself these questions:

What purpose will your pergola serve?

If you are looking to add an outdoor space for you to entertain your guests, you could add lights, ceiling fans and furniture. Your patio furniture will last longer since it’s protected from the strong effects of the sun’s UV rays. You might want a pergola to provide shade on a sunny yard or perhaps you want to enhance the visual appeal of your gardens. A pergola can also be used to transition from one part of your garden to another area. The options are only as endless as your imagination!

What plants are you going to incorporate?

Many people plant climbing flowers or vines around the pergola to help enhance the beauty of the pergola and space. What kind of plants? Consider clematis, climbing roses, ivy, star jasmine, wisteria or purple leaf grapes as options. To even further enhance your landscape, you could plant flowers around the base of your pergola or include tall bushes.

You can enjoy your landscape in a whole new way with a pergola. If you are looking for a lawn care company that delivers top quality products and the best service, contact Suburban Lawn Sprinkler Co. today at 508-872-2727!


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