How to Know Which Mulch to Use

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There are many benefits with mulching your flower beds. There are also plenty of types of mulch you can choose from for a variety of different uses. Mulch provides several advantages to your landscape and your beds. It also is the icing on the cake when it comes to looks. 

The Advantages of Using Mulch

Moisture Retention – Mulch acts as a protective barrier between sun and oil, insulating your flowerbed and keeping it cool during hot days. Without mulch, water will evaporate quickly in high temperatures before it’s able to penetrate the root systems of plants. 

It’s important to note, however, that there is such a thing as too much moisture retention. When people mulch trees in “volcano” shapes, the mulch can hold so much water that it can rot the base of the tree. Rather than forming mulch volcanoes around trees, homeowners should spread mulch away from the bottom of the tree trunk, creating a protective “bowl” shape around the base of the tree. 

Fertilization – Over the course of a season, the mulch in your garden is likely to turn from a thick layer of healthy tree bark to a thin layer of rot and decay. You might not be thrilled about the effect this has on the look of your garden, but it’s actually good for the health of your plants! As the mulch decays, it releases nutrients back into the soil, providing your plants with an added dose of fertilizer. 

Weed Control – Even weeds need sun to grow. When we bury weed seeds under a layer of mulch, they’re unable to receive the sunlight they need to germinate. By adding mulch to your garden at the beginning of ever season, you can drastically reduce the amount of time you’ll have to spend weeding. 

Different Types of Mulch 

There are different types of mulch you can choose from to dress up your flower beds. Colored mulch is the generally popular type to go to with colors of red, black, and brown. This mulch is dyed with colors and is safe to use if it’s bought from the store or from a nursery.

However, organic mulch has more benefits to the health of the soil. Organic mulch breaks down into the soil giving it the nutrients it needs. For example, organic mulch can refer to grass clippings, compost, tree bark, wood chips, and leaves. 

Adding mulch to your flower beds gives your landscape a great touch, as well as provides a healthier yard. At Suburban Lawn Sprinklerwe know what it takes to create a beautiful and healthy yard. Our residential lawn sprinklers take care of your lawn and gardens, while keeping your grass looking great. 

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