Keep Your Lawn Green With a Dash of Epsom Salt

Keep Your Lawn Green With a Dash of Epsom Salt

Many homeowners struggle with trying to keep their grass as green as can be. Epsom salt is a magnesium-based salt that benefits the health of your lawn and garden. When your lawn is looking not as green and unhealthy, it never looks good in a neighborhood. Epsom Salt will be able to fix this problem, while acting as a fertilizer and pest control product giving your lawn and garden a healthier life.

How Does My Lawn Not Stay Green?

There are many reasons why your lawn may not be a “healthy looking” green color. It’s mostly because the soil is lacking nutrition. Nitrogen is important for grass growth, and a lack of this can cause the lawn to grow slow and the green color to be on the lighter side.

Sunlight can also affect the color of your lawn. If your grass is growing in a heavily shaded area, chances are it will be a variety of shades of green. It will lose its deep green color without the proper amount of sunlight.

Disease will change the color of the lawn in smaller areas. When the diseases spread and grow, the color of the lawn will go from light green patches to yellow and brown.

What is Epsom Salt?

Epsom salt is an organic compound that is full of beneficial minerals for lawns. Iron in Epsom salt, for example, helps grasses to grow healthy and strong. Meanwhile, the magnesium in Epsom salt balances the PH level in your grasses so that it doesn’t become too acidic. The sulfur component of magnesium sulfate promotes chlorophyll production. These minerals also aid in the absorption of nitrogen and phosphorous; two essential components of healthy grass growth.

How to Use it For Your Lawn?

To apply, you can put Epsom salt in a spreader or dissolve it in water and apply it with a sprayer. Use about a half pound of Epsom salt for every 100 square feet of lawn. It’s important that you do this during the Fall or Spring months because if you fertilize your lawn in the Summer, this will contribute to weed growth, which you will have to deal with later, and obviously the winter time is difficult to do much with your lawn.

How Does Epsom Salt Help My Lawn?

Applying Epsom Salt to your lawn is a safe, natural solution to help with seed germination, nutrient absorption, growth, and the general health of lawns and plants in your yard. It contains magnesium, which helps with the above stated.

In addition to its use as a natural fertilizer, Epsom salt also serves as an alternative to harsh pesticides. If your flowerbeds are plagued by slugs, for example, just sprinkle some Epsom salt in the area to keep them at bay. If you have a raccoon problem, Epsom salts can be an effective deterrent as well (they’re not fond of the smell). Just sprinkle some around the perimeter of your lawn.

It will ultimately facilitate the lush green growth and healthy look that you’re looking to see in your yard. No one enjoys a yard with ugly looking grass.

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Frank & Sonja Bair

Epsom Salt is an INORGANIC compound and not ORGANIC at all, as is stated. It does not contain Carbon – which is a part of any/all organic compounds. Magnesium is the central element in the Chlorophyl molecule, and this its importance to greening.


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