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Taking proper care of your lawn is important if you want it to look nice and in good condition. We know this can be difficult with work schedules and other social activities. There are some signs you should look out for when your lawn is telling you it needs a drink. The summer can be tough on your grass, and it’s very important to pay attention.

Here are signs to look out for:

Discoloration in Your Lawn

If you notice your lawn turning different colors, this could be a sign of your lawn needing water. A blue or bluish gray tint in spots on your lawn means that your grass is thirsty. It needs some good irrigation. We know it can be difficult to water the lawn with our busy schedules, but investing in a lawn sprinkler system may be your best solution.

The best thing about a lawn sprinkler system is that you can set schedules to run the system, so you don’t have to worry about it. It also allows you to run it manually if you’re getting consistent rain.

Footprint Test

The footprint test is a simple trick to tell if your water is lacking in proper irrigation. All you need to do is walk on your lawn, and if your footprints do not disappear after some time, then your lawn definitely needs a drink or two.

You also should be paying attention to the blades of grass. If your blades of grass are curling or cupping inward, this means they’re under stress and in need of water. The blades of grass will wilt when under stress and dehydration.

Don’t Wait, Talk to a Professional

We all have busy lives. Our homes are places we want to come home to and not have to worry about doing more work than needed. One way to eliminate stress on your yard work is to invest in a lawn sprinkler system from Suburban Lawn Sprinkler. We have the expertise and experience to install, repair, and maintain your sprinkler system, so you can get your lawn back to looking fresh!

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Luke Smith

I find it interesting that the lawn turning into different colors is actually a sign that it is in need of water. The weather has been really hot and dry lately and I worry for our lawn. I think this is the right opportunity to avail for sprinkler installation services instead of waiting for our lawn to dry up.


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