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5 Ways to Successfully Aerate Your Lawn

Lawn Aeration Shoes

A beautiful lawn doesn’t just appear overnight. It needs constant maintenance, a solid watering schedule, and some room to breathe—yes, your lawn needs to breathe! Aeration is vital to achieve and maintain a healthy lawn because it breaks up the compacted soil and allows for better circulation of air, water and nutrients. Luckily, there are… Read more »

Is Your Lawn Ready for the Fall?

Is Your Lawn Ready for the Fall?

Fall is the most important season of the year for lawn care. With the first day of fall officially behind us, now is the perfect time to start prepping your lawn for cold weather. Fall is a great time to fertilize and seed any bare spots in your lawn for many different types of grasses…. Read more »

This Spring, Revitalize Your Brown, Patchy Lawn

salt damage on lawn

  After spending a winter buried under a thick blanket of snow, your lawn is likely looking a little the worse for wear. But don’t resign yourself to living with a sad, tattered lawn just yet – with a minimal investment of time and energy, you can have your lush, green grass back in no… Read more »