Tips to Keep Burrowing Animals out of Your Lawn and Garden

Tips to Keep Burrowing Animals out of Your Lawn and Garden

This winter, you’re probably not paying too much attention to your landscaping tasks for the next season, but sometimes it is important to have a plan for the next season, especially if you experienced issues with your lawn or landscape.

Burrowing Animals and Other Pests

Taking care of your lawn can be a tough task to take on, especially if there are burrowing animals sneaking around your yard. Burrowing pests like moles, voles and groundhogs may have invaded your property and caused issues to your lawn and landscape. Some burrowing animals can be beneficial to the local ecosystem, but they can also wreak havoc on your landscaping efforts. Fortunately, there are a number of effective, humane ways to keep burrowing animals from destroying your plantings and tearing up your lawn.

Taking care of your landscape is a major priority if you own a home and some land. Having the proper tools to help you out is vital for the look and health of your lawn and garden. At Suburban Lawn Sprinkler, we know what it takes to keep your yard in top shape.

With our residential lawn sprinklers, you’ll have the ability to control the irrigation of you garden and lawn from the comfort of your porch. We also take pride in our landscape lighting that can enhance the look and feel of your landscape. It also keeps people safe when it’s nighttime.

We understand that having these items may not deter the rodents and other animals from tearing up your landscape, so here are a few humane methods for keeping those annoying ones out of your garden and lawn.

Repellent Methods

Some gardeners use household items like coffee grounds and garlic powder to keep burrowing rodents at bay. Just sprinkle them around active tunnels in your lawn and garden to deter pests from sticking around. You can find a number of commercial products designed to keep burrowing animals away as well. Many of these repellents are castor oil-based, so they’re safe to use around children and pets.

You can also try “sonic spikes” which emit high-frequency noises to scare off burrowing animals, but people seem to have somewhat mixed results with these products.

Build Barriers 

An underground fence made of wire mesh hardware cloth can prevent burrowing animals from getting into your flowerbeds. The initial installation is a little labor intensive, but it can be well worth it for gardeners who continually struggle with rodent damage.

Start by digging a trench at least two feet deep around your garden. Bend the bottom edge of the hardware cloth at a 90-degree angle so that it creates a flat, 6-inch surface at the base of the fence. Insert the fence into the trench so that the flat edge is facing outwards away from the garden. Make sure the fence extends about 12 inches above the ground as well, and then refill the trench with soil.

Protect Plants with Hardware Cloth  

If you don’t want to go to the trouble of building a fence around your entire garden, you can protect the root systems of individual plants, shrubs and trees with hardware cloth as well. Make simple baskets by folding hardware cloth so that it can comfortably fit the root systems of your plantings with room to spare.

Dig the hole for your planting, nest the basket into the hole, and then place the plant in the basket and refill the hole with soil. The holes in the basket will allow the roots to grow, while protecting the core of the root system from burrowing animals.

Suburban Lawn Sprinkler

If you’re having trouble finding activities to do while the quarantine is still happening, working in your yard can be one of those activities that gets your mind off of work and being stuck inside the house. Get your landscape ready for the summer season by contacting Suburban Lawn Sprinkler at 508-872-2727 today to learn more about our residential lawn sprinklers and residential landscape lighting.


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