2018 Trends in Garden Design

2018 Trends in Garden Design

The New Year often brings resolutions for your health, career and other personal goals. But, what about goals for your home and garden? There are some great garden design trends that will give your home a fresh start to the New Year!

Alfresco dining

Outdoor dining spaces can usually be found just off the house, near the kitchen. But the new trend is pushing dining spaces into the garden. This makes outdoor dining a more immersive and luxurious experience. Use specific flooring and furniture, and add pre- and post-dinner entertainment spaces nearby, such as a fire pit or pool. Special lighting can also go a long way to create the perfect ambience. Here at Suburban Lawn Sprinkler Co., we offer custom landscape lighting to help take your outdoor dining space to the next level.

Grow your garden

Growing your own fruits and vegetables continues to be a popular trend. Experiment with some new plants this year and grow unusual edibles! Try cucamelons or sweet ground cherries for variety. And don’t forget to add some bee-friendly flowers to entice pollinators, who will enhance your yield.

Habitat gardens

Habitat loss affects many backyard creatures, from bees and birds to frogs and even turtles. Many landscapes are not designed with wildlife in mind, but creating an outdoor space that meets the needs of these animals in a way that still protects and highlights the beauty of your yard is easy. To create a habitat garden, consider growing both seed-producing and berry-bearing plants and restrict your use of pesticides. A healthy lawn is also very important for a habitat garden. To make sure your lawn stays properly hydrated, we offer full-service lawn sprinkler systems that will keep your grass green and in perfect condition. Contact us today by calling 508-872-2727 so we can help you with all of your lawn and garden needs!

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