4 Ways to Make Your Garden Thrive with Coffee Grounds

4 Ways to Make Your Garden Thrive with Coffee Grounds

The signature smell of fresh brewed coffee wakes us up and fuels our day.

However, we are not the only ones that benefit from coffee. There are ways to make even your garden thrive with the one part of coffee we usually dispose of: coffee grounds!

Here are four ways to put coffee grounds to good use in your garden.

Say “sayonara” to slugs and snails

Bugs, insects, and other pests wreak havoc on your garden, chewing through important crops and snacking on your precious vegetables. Sprinkle some used coffee grounds around the garden to create a natural barrier that deters irritating slugs and snails.

A natural and abrasive alternative to chemical pesticides, coffee grounds protect your plants from pests.

Fuel up with fertilizer

Give your soil an energy boost by spoiling it with coffee grounds. As the grounds break down over time, they release nutrients and minerals directly into the soil, such as nitrogen, magnesium, and potassium.

Simply grab some used coffee grounds and add to the top of the soil or mix it into the top few inches. Your plants will love this natural fertilizer and all the nutritious benefits it offers.

Enlighten the earthworms

Earthworms are professionals at turning organic waste into nutrient-rich soil. One way to make these little guys even more productive is by feeding them coffee grounds.

As the perfect texture for aiding in worm digestion, coffee grounds up worm productivity, meaning better aerated soil and drainage for your garden.

Complement your compost

Toss your used coffee grounds (and filters!) into your compost bin rather than into your waste bin. Compost material is made up of both brown materials like dry leaves and newspapers, and green materials like grass clippings.

Rich in nitrogen and other nutrients, coffee grounds make perfect green compost material. Achieving a balance between green and brown compost materials ensures your soil is balanced and high quality.

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