5 Lawn Care Tips for Shaded Areas

5 Tips for Caring for Grass in Shaded Areas

A shaded lawn can make for a lovely setting to relax on a hot summer afternoon, but it can also present some unique lawn-care challenges. Most grasses require between six to eight hours of prolonged sunlight in order to thrive. Without enough light, grasses will thin, wither and have trouble recuperating from seasonal damage. By making smart choices for the care of your lawn, however, you can promote healthy grass growth in spite of your shady yard.

Never Try Overwatering

Sometimes, when people notice their grass struggling in shady areas, they’ll overcompensate by watering more than they usually would. Because water will evaporate more slowly in shady areas, this additional water can actually compromise the root systems of grasses. As a general rule, it’s better to water infrequently and deeply to promote healthy grass growth. Having a residential lawn sprinkler is very important in this aspect because you can monitor how much water those shady areas are getting with a scheduled timer. You have the ability to turn it on and off.

Prune Overhanging Branches

Even the most shade tolerant grasses will have trouble surviving in deep shade. By thinning low-hanging tree branches, you can allow more sunlight to penetrate the canopy while still retaining some shade for you and your family to enjoy.

Plant Shade-Tolerant Grass

Cool-season grasses such as rye and tall fescue require less sunlight than other species. Some of these grasses only require about four to six hours of sunlight, rather than the usual eight. Consider planting a blend of shade-tolerant grasses in order to give them the best chance at surviving.

Mow Higher

Once you’ve planted your shade-tolerant grasses, raise your mower deck about a ½ inch before you mow. Allowing grass to grow higher in shady areas lets the grass blades gather more sunlight and grow stronger over time.

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