How to Improve and Maintain Your Garden Soil

Coffee Grounds in Garden

Your garden soil is precious, and it can be difficult to maintain with pests, insects, and weather getting in the way of the health of your soil. Suburban Lawn Sprinkler has some tips for you to improve your soil and maintain the health of it. There are ways to help your soil that are rather simple, which many people may not think of, but we have you covered.

What Does Your Soil Need?

Healthy garden soil should be crumbly and look similar to sprinkled cookie crumbles over a freshly iced cake. Getting good texture can take some work, but the health of your garden soil is critical to plant health and growth.

Healthy pH – Much like humans, soil needs a healthy pH level to enrich your garden’s growth. pH is the measurement of acidity, and depending on what kind of plant you’re growing, you may need a more acidic neutral soil.

Organic Matter – Another critical aspect to soil health is organic matter. Organic matter, which is made up of dead plant and animal tissue decomposes and enriches your soil. It will provide nutrients to your soil by microorganisms breaking down the matter into basic elements.

What Can You Do?

Luckily, there are some excellent DIY soil testing kits you can buy to help get you started! You can learn about your soil and see where it can improve. Composting can also be incredibly beneficial and will undoubtedly improve your soil nutrient levels. Keep in mind that you don’t want to disrupt the soil too much and you want to refrain from compacting it down as to allow roots to grow.

Coffee Grounds!

Many people love to drink coffee, and when it comes to maintaining healthy soil, coffee grounds can help with that. The coffee grounds you usually dispose of after brewing your morning roast can benefit your garden soil in many ways.

Fuel Up with Fertilizer – Give your soil an energy boost by spoiling it with coffee grounds. As the grounds break down over time, they release nutrients and minerals directly into the soil, such as nitrogen, magnesium, and potassium. Simply grab some used coffee grounds and add to the top of the soil or mix it into the top few inches. Your plants will love this natural fertilizer and all the nutritious benefits it offers.

Bugs, insects, and other pests wreak havoc on your garden, chewing through important crops and snacking on your precious vegetables. Sprinkling some used coffee grounds around the garden will create a natural barrier that deters irritating slugs and snails. Coffee grounds act as a natural alternative to chemical pesticides.

Earthworms are professionals at turning organic waste into nutrient-rich soil. One way to make these little guys even more productive is by feeding them coffee grounds. As the perfect texture for aiding in worm digestion, coffee grounds up worm productivity, meaning better aerated soil and drainage for your garden.

Complement Your Compost – Toss your used coffee grounds (and filters!) into your compost bin rather than into your waste bin. Compost material is made up of both brown materials like dry leaves and newspapers, and green materials like grass clippings.

Rich in nitrogen and other nutrients, coffee grounds make perfect green compost material. Achieving a balance between green and brown compost materials ensures your soil is balanced and high quality.

Suburban Lawn Sprinkler specializes in providing lawn sprinklers and landscape lighting for homeowners and commercial businesses in Massachusetts. If you are looking for professional help with your lawn and garden beyond coffee grounds and maintaining your soil, contact Suburban Lawn Sprinkler at 508-872-2727 today to learn more on how we can help enhance the health and look of your yard!

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