How a Sprinkler System Can Add to the Value of Your Home

Automatic Sprinkler on the Front Lawn of a House

When looking to sell a house, many people focus on staging the home, decluttering the bedrooms, and taking down that decades-old wallpaper. However, the exterior of a home is just as important, if not more so! Fortunately, a sprinkler system may be the key to increasing your home’s value and achieving success on the market.

Guarantees a good first impression to home buyers

The cosmetics of a home are what make up a buyer’s first impression when on a tour or at an open house. This begins the moment they pull up in the car and take in the home’s overall curb appeal. With little to no effort at all from the current home owners, a sprinkler system can be the difference between a yellow, patchy lawn and a lively, green landscape. As a home buyer, which would appeal to you more?

Proposes valuable technology and convenience to potential buyers

That first impression already makes a great testament to the benefits of a sprinkler system, but that’s not the only thing that buyers will be attracted to. Home buyers will find their own personal value in an installed sprinkler system because it will directly affect their lives and daily routine if they choose to make the purchase. A professional system will offer advanced technology and easy lawn maintenance to buyers.

Think green in more ways than one

Not only does a sprinkler system produce a green lawn, but it also offers other green benefits: water conservation and money back in your wallet. With an automatic sprinkler, a homeowner can set a watering schedule that will distribute the exact amount of water necessary for a health landscape. This results in conserving water, which can be a pull factor for green-thinking home buyers. No more unnecessary water being dispensed, which helps you gain back control of your water bill.

Suburban Lawn Sprinkler Co. provides and installs efficient irrigation systems for commercial and residential properties that are looking to increase the value of their home or building. Call us at 508-872-2727 to learn more about a lawn sprinkler system and start enhancing your home’s curb appeal today!


Duncan Lance

I agree, the cosmetics of a home are very important to a buyer because it leaves a good impression. This is where a sprinkler system can really come in handy since, not only does it make your lawn look nice, it tells buyers that they can keep it looking that way with minimal work. This could actually entice them into buying the home since they can keep it looking nice without having to do much themselves.

Tiff Gregers

How great that a sprinkler system has other green benefits besides just a green lawn. I am building a new home this year and I want a great yard as well. I will find a reputable sprinkler system installation service in the area to help.

Eli Bradley

It’s cool that you point out that getting a sprinkler system for your yard can improve the resale value of your home. My wife and I want to put our home on the market in six months, so we’re considering hiring someone to install a sprinkler system in our yard next week. I’m going to search for a reliable business in the area that can install a sprinkler system for us.


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