How to Prepare a Flower Bed

Get Your Soil Ready for Spring

The melting snow is an exciting sight to see when you’re itching to get outside in the garden. However, you can’t do anything until your soil is properly prepared!

Prepare your flower bed in time for spring!

The roots are the most delicate part of a plant, which means that the soil they are planted in is key to a successful and thriving garden. Are you starting from scratch or do you have a long forgotten patch that used to be a flower bed?

No matter what, there are easy ways to get your flower bed ready to be planted in.

Choose a good location on your lawn

Before you do anything, it’s important to visualize your ideal flowerbed. You should know the size and shape of the bed that you want to make and then choose a good location in your yard for it. The landscape, amount of sunlight that area gets, and water source should be taken into consideration. For beginners, a level ground is easier to work with.

Killing all existing vegetation in the area you are placing your flower bed is a proactive step to take and will make your job a little easier. This can be done in the fall with newspapers, but if it’s already spring and you’re planting on the bed soon, you will need to utilize an herbicide. Just be sure to read the instructions for how and when to use the chemical.

Turning over the soil

Now it’s time to get your hands dirty! You will need to dig up the chosen area by hand or with a sod cutter and get down to at least 12 inches deep. For an easy turnover, the soil should be damp, but not wet. Once overturned, apply a thick layer of compost and mix into the soil. This will give your flower bed the nutrients your plants will need and improve soil structure.

This step will expose weed seeds that were previously buried. To avoid germination of those seeds, apply a thick layer of mulch or compost on your flower bed and that will keep them from receiving sunlight. This layer will also give your bed a better overall appearance.

Now that your bed has been prepared, you’re ready to plant your flowers! However, the work doesn’t stop there and that’s where Suburban Lawn Sprinkler Co. comes in. We’ve been servicing lawns and gardens for over 40 years and we’re ready to design the perfect type of irrigation system that’s right for you. Contact us today!

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