Just in Time for Christmas, Niagara Falls Gets New Lights

Just in Time for Christmas, Niagara Falls Gets New Lights

All over the country, families are preparing for the holidays by decorating their homes with colorful seasonal lighting arrangements. Some of these lighting arrangements are pretty ambitious, but none of them are likely to be quite as spectacular as the $4 million lighting makeover that Niagara Falls just received on December 1.

Every night, the falls will be illuminated in a stunning array of colors thanks to a new array of LED lights cast on them from the Canadian side of the famous natural wonder. Prior to the new lighting arrangement, the falls were lit with aging halogen spotlights for about 20 years. In addition to adding more vibrant colors to the presentation, the new lights also offer more comprehensive coverage of the falls, allowing visitors to get a clear view of both the rim and curtain after dark. As if the falls weren’t beautiful enough on their own, the new lighting arrangement ensures that they can be fully admired and appreciated at any hour of the day.

Here at Suburban Lawn Sprinkler Co., we might not have much experience lighting waterfalls, but we do know a thing or two about creating eye-catching holiday lighting arrangements for the homes and businesses in our area. We can work with you to design a custom lighting arrangement that highlights the best features of your property. We take pride in creating warm, inviting seasonal designs to make the holidays truly special for our customers.

Since 1986, Christmas Décor by Suburban Lawn has decorated more than 40,000 properties for residential and commercial customers in 48 states and Canada. Check out our holiday lighting gallery to see a few of our favorite designs, or give us a call today to learn more!

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