Planning Out Your Vegetable Garden

Planning Out Your Vegetable Garden

Your heart skips a beat when that first tomato starts to bud on your young plant in the backyard, or when you finally plant the perfect amount of carrots. It’s easy to experience the thrill and pride of owning your own vegetable garden; here’s how to get started!

What should I plant in my vegetable garden?

Deciding what to plant in your vegetable garden depends on a few factors. What do you and your family like to eat, and how much? First, think of the vegetables you enjoy cooking with and some favorites for your family!

Plants, like tomatoes, continue producing vegetables throughout the season. Where on the other hand, there are vegetables that produce only once, like carrots. Novice gardeners will need time to figure out how much to plant each year. Over time, you will discover the perfect amount of vegetables to plant in your garden to serve all of your cooking and nutritional needs.

Where should I plant my vegetable garden?

The types of vegetables you choose to plant dictate where you should plant your vegetable garden.

Some vegetables need continuous direct sunlight to grow strong and produce numerous yields, while other vegetables desire shade. Find space in your front or backyard that offers the right amount of sunlight you need.

Make tending your garden more convenient by planting near a water source or set up a handy water station nearby.

Consider adding an irrigation system in your garden for easy watering. Protect your garden with a small fence or chicken wire around the perimeter.

Allow plenty of space for your plants to grow tall or wide, depending on individual needs.

It should be easy to locate a patch of your property to start your garden on, but it’s essential to the success of your plants that you leave them enough space to grow. Try using raised planting beds for effective soil drainage and air circulation.

With healthy soil, plenty of sunlight, and lots of water, your vegetable garden will soon thrive with delicious vegetables. Keep your garden well-watered and maintained throughout the year with our team of experts at Suburban Lawn Sprinkler Co. Give us a call at 508-872-2727 to learn more about our efficient irrigation systems that will have your vegetable garden thriving in no time!


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