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Investing in an Irrigation System to Save Money & Water

Saving Water and Money With Your Irrigation System

Not only is a modern sprinkler system a great way to keep your lawn lush and green, but it also serves as an opportunity to save big on your water bill. When maintained and used correctly, a sprinkler system can keep your lawn green while using far less water than a garden hose sprayer. So,… Read more »

Three Common Lawn Mowing Mistakes

Three Common Lawn Mowing Mistakes

The days of winter are winding down, and spring will be here before you know it! As you start to ready your property for the warmer months, make sure you avoid these common lawn mowing mistakes. Cutting too short Cutting your lawn too short is the most common mistake homeowners make. Known as “scalping,” mowing… Read more »

Don’t Forget to Water in the Fall

Don't Forget to Water in the Fall

We’re already halfway through September and summer is almost at an end. That means it’s time to start rethinking our lawn-care strategy for the fall. This is an excellent opportunity to prepare your lawn for dormancy in the winter so it will come back green and healthy when spring rolls around. As the relentless heat… Read more »