Tips on Keeping Your Lawn Looking Healthy

keeping your grass healthy

Your lawn can go through some tough times, especially if it’s a dry summer. Your lawn needs to be taken care of especially during the summer. It needs enough watering to look and stay healthy. There are some problems that may occur that are out of your control. Here are some tips on how to fix the problems and keep your lawn in great condition.


This fast-growing grass is very annoying when it infests your lawn because it is ugly and relentless if not taken properly early on. What you can do is apply corn gluten meal, which is a natural option in the spring. This helps prevent growth and fertilizes the lawn. Give your lawn enough water, fertilizer, and make sure to mow the lawn high because crabgrass likes to grow when the lawn is mowed low.


This weed grows in thin lawns and pulling the weed out doesn’t help because it has long roots. The solution is to pull the entire root out, so that the weed does not grow again. You may also use herbicides that will help with the prevention of dandelions in the future.


These bothersome ugly critters tunnel through your lawn and create uneven grass, which can be very soft. If the lawn gets really wet after a rain, these tunnels will make walking on the lawn and mowing it a disaster. The only way to get rid of the mole is to trap it.

Suburban Lawn Sprinkler

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