Tips on Maintaining Your Yard

Cleaned up yard in the summer

It can be difficult to keep up with your yard work. We all assume that after spring clean-up, we can relax in the summer, but this is not the case. Mowing the lawn, edging, watering, weeding, etc. are just some of the chores we have to deal with in the summer. The best thing to do is prioritize each week and make sure your keeping up with the yard.

Here are some Yard Tips

There are some tricks to the trade that will make your life way easier in the summer. If you really want to relax and enjoy the nice weather without having to worry all the time about keeping your yard looking great, then we’d like to share some tips with you.

Grass Cutting – Mowing the lawn can be an annoying chore, but it’s what makes your yard look nice, if you do it the right way. Instead of mowing the lawn short to go longer between mowing, let it grow tall because this will allow the grass to develop longer roots and keep your lawn healthier looking. Schedule out your mowing.

Mulch – At the beginning of the season, consider laying some mulch down in your beds, around trees, or in other spots with plants and flowers. This ultimately make your yard look a lot fuller. There also will be less grass to cut.

Watering – Watering can be annoying if there isn’t rain falling. You have to keep up with watering your lawn or gardens, so that they stay healthy. You may want to consider installing a lawn sprinkler system in your yard. This will let you relax and not have to worry about your lawn or garden dying.

Landscape Lighting – A great way to spruce up the yard is installing some landscape lightingaround your walkway, garden, or driveway. This brightens up the yard when it’s nighttime, and it also shows off your kept-up yard.

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