Four Things You’re Doing that Could Be Killing Your Lawn

Dead Grass on a Lawn in MA

We all want a lush, green lawn. Sometimes however, despite your best efforts, you wind up with a lawn that’s parched and brown. As we get into the colder season, these are some things to think about for when the nicer weather rolls around and you want to start improving your lawn.

Here are a few things that could possibly be killing your lawn:

You Don’t Have a Consistent Mowing Schedule

We get it. We all have busy weeks from time to time, and nobody would blame you for taking a vacation. However, neither of these are great excuses for skipping a weekly mowing. A healthy, attractive lawn is thick and dense, but if you wait too long between mowing, your lawn will grow in tall and shaggy. Over time, fewer blades of grass will grow because the tall blades will block out the sun. The result? A scraggly lawn. If you don’t have time to mow the lawn or are going out of town, be sure to enlist some help when away!

You’re Not Protecting Your Lawn

Too much foot traffic is a death sentence for your lawn. If you like to have people over, think carefully about where you place items like grills and lawn furniture so that people don’t repeatedly congregate in areas where grass is thinning. Better yet, socialize on the deck.

Too Much Fertilizer

Yes, you can have too much of a good thing. Fertilizer contains nitrogen and salt, which in large quantities can damage and “burn” your lawn. Pay careful attention to the instructions on the fertilizer packaging to avoid applying too much.

Improper Irrigation

Just like mowing, there are times that your watering schedule gets sidetracked. Sometimes, your watering schedule doesn’t exist at all. You can’t count on the rain to keep your landscape hydrated! Be sure to dole out enough water for your lawn so it can stay happy and healthy.

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