Gardening Tips for the Summer Season

Thriving Garden Under the Summer Sun

The gorgeous summer sun draws us outside to enjoy the warmth of its rays, making it easy to spend every day outside in the garden. However, as much as we love the sun, our gardens feel a bit differently; they require some additional care to stay thriving through the scorching heat.

Keep your garden flourishing throughout the summer with a few helpful tips!

Watch for weeds

Like us, weeds also enjoy the summer heat, and as they grow, they steal moisture and nutrients that are necessary to your plants. Pests and diseases also tend to pop up with weeds. Stay on top of pulling weeds this summer and try to get them during their early stages to stop them from producing seeds. Check your garden throughout the summer months and pull the weeds when the ground is moist to make your work a bit easier!

Prepare your potted plants

Unique potted plants add beauty to our gardens, but they overheat easily during the summer months. So, it’s essential to give them the extra preparation they need to stay stable.

Try to position these plants away from direct sunlight and lightly mulch those that stay in the sun to shield their soil. Stand the plants in saucers filed with moist sand to keep roots cool. If your plants become dried out, soak them in water to re-moisturize and revitalize.

Water, water, water

Thirsty plants during a dry summer require water to remain healthy and stay beautiful. Most garden plants need an average of 1 inch of water a week applied all at one time. Water the ground around the roots rather than directly on a plant’s foliage to avoid disease from water sitting on the leaves.

Summer is also a great time to check your water hoses and irrigation systems for leaks or blocks. If you use a rainwater tank, clear debris from gutters to ensure smooth water flow.

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