Planning a Sprinkler System Spray Zone

Sprinkler System Layout set up around property

Several elements go into planning an effective sprinkler system for your home. From learning to design an efficient layout to ensuring that you’re watering your lawn and not the siding of your house, here are the simple steps to plan your sprinkler system spray zone!

The best plans start with a visual guide

Grab some grid paper and your trusty pencil and get to work drawing out your property. This visual should include an accurate representation of your house on your property as well as all important structures throughout your landscape like a garage, shed, trees, patios and pathways. Strive to be as accurate in your measurements as possible and show distinction between your lawn and flower beds!

Split your yard into different areas that you’ll want to keep on the same watering schedule

Divide your property into three or four areas depending on the obstacles in the surrounding areas. These different areas will be watered at the same time and will help you determine where your metaphorical sprinkler heads will be placed.

Place your sprinkler heads

Check the radii of each sprinkler head and keep that in mind when placing your heads. This will ensure that your property will receive full coverage. After placing your sprinkler heads on your visual, divide your separate watering areas into smaller groups.

Calculate gallons per minute for each sprinkler

There are plenty of resources available to calculate the GPM of both rotors and sprays, combined with their spray patterns. Once you have the GPM of each, add them to receive a total GPM of the overall system. Compare this number to how much your water service line and meter can supply.

Break down some of your groups to cater to your water supply

If your groups exceed the amount that your line can supply, then create smaller groups that will adhere to the available flow rate. Once finalized, these new groups will be your various zones schedule in your sprinkler system!

If you need a hand in planning out your spray zone, call on the experts at Suburban Lawn Sprinkler Co.! We design and install efficient irrigation systems in homes and businesses across Massachusetts. Give us a call at 508-872-2727 today to keep your property watered and maintained throughout the year!

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