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How Gardening Benefits Children

Child Planting a Seed

Did you know that gardening with kids can be tremendously beneficial? Gardening teaches kids many life skills, but don’t let the idea overwhelm you. Gardening doesn’t always have to require a perfectly level, large or sunny backyard. You can make a simple garden and begin to watch the benefits it plays on your child. Gardening… Read more »

Let’s Celebrate National Rose Month

Pink and White Roses

Did you know that June is national rose month? While roses are most the popular on Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, we think they deserve praise all year round. Do you love the beautiful flower but you’re not quite sure how to grow and maintain them? No worries, we have your back. You can plant… Read more »

Make the Most Out of Your Garden This Summer

Flowers in a Window Planter

Summer is the season to savor what your garden has to offer since the days will be filled with sunshine and warm air. How are you planning to make the most of your outdoor space this summer? You’ll want to spend as much time as you can outdoors, especially with these easy garden updates: Plant… Read more »

How to Garden Without Doing Harm to Your Body

Woman in Pain from Gardening

Now that the weather is warming up, we want to get outside and dig up our garden to make it beautiful once again for the upcoming summer months.  Gardening however, is no easy feat. We have to weed, dig, plant and mulch and it takes a lot of time and commitment. Although it can be… Read more »

Easy Crops to Plant in Your First Vegetable Garden

Planting Lettuce

Biting into a juicy, sweet tomato in the middle of summer, a waft of fragrant basil leaves, the sound of splitting a snap pea in half; there’s nothing like enjoying fresh food grown in your own garden. Growing a vegetable garden or an edible garden (one that includes herbs and alliums) is a simple way… Read more »